Hi, my name is …

… Simon Pfreundschuh. Yes, that’s a strange name, even in Germany. I would have preferred Pusteblume, but that’s a different story. I am interested in physics, maths and programming. I had the great luck to be able to study all three of these subjects and am currently pursuing a PhD in atmospheric science working on remote sensing retrievals.

My research interests are advanced computing in science. Concretely, I am interested in the development and application of novel algorithms and software for science. I have worked on several high performance computing and machine learning projects in different scientific fields ranging from particle physics to satellite remote sensing.

For more information on my background, feel free to check out my CV or the Projects page for more information on my current projects.

This Blog

During and besides my studies I have come across a lot of useful information in blogs. This blog is my attempt to contribute back to this infinite source of knowledge that is (or could be?) the internet. In the hope that any of this at some point may be useful to somebody, I will publish here results or other findings that will not be published otherwise.

Even if all of this will turn out to be too trivial/esoteric/weird to be of any use, I think a blog is a nice way to formalize smaller projects/ideas/work and may prevent them from getting lost along the way.

For questions or feedback your very welcome to send an email to <1st letter of my 1st name>.<2nd name>@gmail.com.